Europe’s top tech news, January 2016


Enlarge / A map of scientific collaboration within Europe (credit: Olivier H. Beauchesne)

After a bit of festive slowness, the world of technology is off to a turbulent start in 2016. Major companies have come under fire from European tax authorities, while others are fighting battles started last year. There has been some good news, too, including Europe almost literally shooting the Moon and new developments in driverless public transport. There’s definitely more device-related news to come next month, with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona starting on February 22 (and Ars will be there!)

Here’s our take on the top tech news from Europe in January.

UK doctors can now prescribe e-cigarettes to help you quit smoking. British American Tobacco’s e-Voke has become the first vaping device to be given a drug licence in the UK, meaning it’s officially recognised by the state-funded National Health Service as a “quit smoking medicine.” The news comes months after a study published by Public Health England, which contradicted an earlier WHO report and stated that “e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking.”

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