Europe’s top tech news, May 2016


Enlarge / A map of scientific collaboration within Europe. (credit: Olivier H. Beauchesne)

The month of May has brought—despite the holidays and relatively nice weather—quite a bunch of significant news stories relevant to the European tech community. First of all, a few important decisions have been made by the EU authorities, including its hands-off approach to blockchain regulation, and the introduction of a 20 percent European content quota for video streaming platforms. On the corporate side of things, several major deals have been made on the market, namely an IPO, an acquisition, and a funding agreement that added one more European company to the “unicorn” club.

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Europe’s privacy chief has slammed the so-called Privacy Shield—a planned EU-US agreement to facilitate the flow of personal data across the Atlantic. The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), Giovanni Buttarelli, said that while he appreciates the efforts made to develop a solution to replace Safe Harbour,” “the Privacy Shield as it stands is not robust enough to withstand future legal scrutiny before the court.”

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