Want to ward off mosquitoes? Candles and bracelets are worthless


(credit: US Department of Health and Human Services)

Already daydreaming about warm, outdoor barbecues and picnics? If so, one thing you’re probably leaving out of your happy vision is the inevitable return of blood-thirsty mosquitoes that crash those otherwise relaxing outdoor events. Luckily, this year, researchers have your back, as Science first reported.

In a high-tech experiment to recreate your bite risks while chilling on your patio, researchers at New Mexico State University tested out 11 common types of mosquito repellent to find the most effective ones. The results: skip the citronella candles and ditch herb-laced bracelets—they didn’t work at keeping away mosquitoes. Instead, stick with DEET-containing products, metofluthrin-blowing clip-on fans, and sprays containing oil of lemon eucalyptus. The results appear in the Journal of Insect Science.

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