CEO of £400 juice squeezing appliance company has a message for the haters


Note: The Juicero sadly isn’t directly available in the UK, though you can pick up some US imports on Ebay.

(credit: Juicero)

Juicero found itself in the limelight on Wednesday after Bloomberg ran a piece on the company’s $400 (~£400) cold-press juice appliance. It seems investors have been disappointed in the juicer after discovering that its primary function—squeezing juice out of a proprietary bag—could be replicated by human hands. In a test by Bloomberg, reporters were able to squeeze 7.5oz (213ml) of juice out of the Juicero bags in 1.5 minutes. The $400 juice press got 8oz (227ml) out in 2 minutes.

Although Ars contacted the company yesterday, no one responded to our request for comment. But today, Juicero CEO Jeff Dunn, formerly of Coca-Cola, took to Medium to write a defence of his company’s juice maker.

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