Kenwood will be one of the first to offer wireless Android Auto


Google talked about wireless Android Auto back in spring 2016, but there hasn’t exactly been widespread adoption. You still have to assume that you’ll need a USB cable when you hit the road. That’s about to change: JVCKenwood has casually teased plans to unveil a high-end head end unit with “wireless connectivity for Android Auto” at CES in January. It’s keeping most details close to the vest, as you might expect before the big show, but it will pack Apple CarPlay support and a 720p screen.

It may take a while for this head end to arrive. Many products announced at CES tend not to ship for a few months. And this certainly won’t be a trivial expense when it does arrive. However, this might be one of your better options if you want to get directions or listen to music without plugging in your Android phone. Also, we won’t be shocked if this hints at other wireless Android Auto introductions in the near future, including built-in implementations.

Source: JVCKenwood

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